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venerdì 22 agosto 2014

Laurini: the best solutions in construction equipment

LAURINI Officine Meccaniche provides cutting-edge solutions with regard to crushing plants and with over 50 years of activity it has become a landmark in the construction industry .
All our crushing plants, thanks to an accurate design that combines reliability and security, are able to meet all working needs.
LAURINI machinery includes:
1 ) hammer crusher : especially suitable for breaking rocks in order to easily bring them on trucks and for transfers to other sites.
2) Machine Cutter for cold or frozen areas: this type of system ensures high performances even in extremely cold  environments with temperatures that reach up to -40 ° C.
3 ) self-propelled crusher machines for mortar bed: these crushing plants are suitable for excavation jobs for laying pipes and are remote-controlled by an operator.

With its over 50-years  experience LAURINI Officine Meccaniche has become known and appreciated all over the world for the design of cutting-edge  earthwork equipment.
Our company can boast a wide range of construction machinery, which are made according to criteria of reliability, efficiency and safety .

Our earthwork machinery includes:
1) Stone crusher machines such as Grub 1.2-1.4-1.8, which is remote controlled and has been specially designed to be used at the bottom of an excavation to create mortar  beds for pipe laying.

2 ) Superscreen 200, a tracked tractor particularly suitable for rough grounds and provided with a hydraulic system that allows to adjust the slope.

3 ) Muletrax 2300 C which is part of our Pipeline vehicles selection. This tracked tractor is designed to support the joints welding processing stages.

4) The Side Excavator kit, is a kit that allows you to transform hydraulic excavators and crawler into machinery for pipe laying jobs.

Our company designs earthwork machinery that meet the diverse needs of all our customers. If you want to know more about our machines contact us and we will be glad to respond to all your requests.