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giovedì 2 ottobre 2014

Down Alternative Insulation

In recent years, the increasing cost of duck and goose down have forced the apparel market to seek down alternatives.

By definition, a down alternative is an insulation with similar properties to down, especially in terms of soft hand, loft and warmth.

One of the most common down alternatives has been the use of blown fibers and fiber balls.

These fibers are blown inside the garment in a very similar manner to how down feathers are applied.

These down alternatives provide a very high degree of softness and a high lofting appearance.

However, this specific down alternative has many inherent limitations; such as instability with typical usage and machine washing, is prone to clumping and development of cold spots, and has poor thermal performance after just a short time.

For the above reasons, by many brands it is not considered a technical down alternative, but rather a low cost / low quality solution.

Rather than looking for a down alternative, some brands decide to use lower quality down, which however compromises the handfeel of the finished product and may increase the risk of allergies because of the use of unidentified/untraceable feathers.

When it comes to down alternatives, Thermore has a full package of different thermal insulations.Thermore® Ecodown®, Thermore® Aria and the most recent Thermore® EVOdown™ are the state of the art in down alternatives.

Also, Thermore’s down alternatives are easy care and can be machine washed (pls follow manufacturer’s instructions).

More information: www.thermore.com

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